Black Lives Matter

In pod 14 of series two, we re-visited our discussion surrounding the global Black Lives Matter movement and what netball can do to further support black players.

Netball players have taken to social media, personal blogs and media interviews to give their own personal experiences of racism - how it affected them, how it was dealt with and what work can and needs to be done.

England and Manchester Thunder player Laura Malcolm wrote a powerful message on Instagram: "I grew up in an environment where I'd say most believed that racism wasn't present, including myself. I also grew up really wishing I was white. I used to cry about my hair and I openly said to family members that I would love white skin. I genuinely remember longing to be white. I was too young at the time to know why I felt like that, but now I know it's because of all of the micro aggressions we experience that you might not even realise happen."I love who I am, and it saddens me to know that I ever felt any different."I love that my white Irish mum ran away with a black man, knowing at the time the criticism she would face and the friends she would lose, but not caring because she knew better. I'm proud of who I am, not what I am."

At the top of this blog is snippet of what Sara and Mags had to say about the topic.

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