Fisher feeling nervous to face her old teammates on Monday

Saracens Mavericks player and Gilbert Ambassador George Fisher spoke exclusively to Netball Nation, ahead of facing her old teammates in their big game against Wasps on Monday evening.

Super shooter George Fisher will be keen to put out a strong performance against her old side on Monday

In between training sessions and her studies at the University of Hertfordshire, George Fisher managed to have a chat exclusively with our Netball Nation pundits ahead of Mavericks' game against top-of-the-table Wasps.

Emma: How have you settled in with Mavericks this season?

George: I played for them two years ago, so it’s almost like no time has passed at all, and it’s been like walking back into where it all began. It all felt quite natural to be honest with you, so it wasn’t too different.

Sara: How did the Mavs move come about? Was it a big decision for you to leave Wasps as Champions?

George: It was a really, really tough decision, I won’t lie. Leaving the two-times Champions – and Wasps was something totally different as they had the Arena and everything else, and I absolutely loved my time there.

However, I’m at the University of Hertfordshire, and I literally role out of bed, and I walk two minutes to training, meaning I’ve cut down from six hours of travelling to train!

Kat’s also a great coach, and she spoke to me and I was like ‘yeah – it feels the right thing to go back to Mavs.’

Emma: You’re going to be taking on your old teammates aren’t you on Monday – are you a bit nervous about that George?

George: VERY nervous! It’s always hard coming up against your old team, even though I ended my time at Wasps on a massive high, and I still get on really well with all the girls – I think it will be a really nerve-wracking experience playing against them.

I remember the first time I played against Mavs when I was with Wasps, and I was awful! I’m hoping it won’t be the same on Monday!

Listen to the full interview by downloading episode 5 of the Netball Nation podcast here.

Saracens Mavericks will be travelling to the Ricoh Arena to take on defending champions Wasps on Monday 11th February, and the game will be shown live on Sky Sports.

George Fisher was scouted by Gilbert due to her clear potential at an early age, and has been an ambassador since she was 16 years old.  An individual who isn’t short of style and ideas, she also knows what she wants from her equipment and clothing.

By Kate Lightfoot


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