Greenway confident about Roses World Cup chances

Ex-England player and former Director of Netball at Wasps, Tamsin Greenway believes the Uganda test series was the perfect preparation ahead of the 2019 World Cup, and that the Vitality Roses are heading in the right direction to challenge the top teams in the world.

Tamsin Greenway is excited about the Vitality Roses chances in the 2019 World Cup

Greenway explains that when you're playing the top two or three teams in the world, you have to put out your best seven, and don't get the luxury of changing four or five players at a time. That's why she believes the Uganda white-wash series is an important learning curve for the Roses, as you don't want to go into the World Cup unprepared.

She added: "They're playing Uganda in the group stage of the World Cup so it showed from that first test in particular that you can't be sleeping against any of these teams now.

"It's not just a given that you're going to beat them, so I think she would have recognised the physicality from the Uganda side and how lethal some of their shooting combinations are and how many goals they can score. It's given England lots of information going into the World Cup so they have absolutely no slip-ups against the teams they're expected to beat."

Greenway is excited by the group of players that Head Coach Tracey Neville is pulling together for the World Cup, and said:

We've got some of the best players in the world at the moment and when you have Geva Mentor and Jo Harten back in there, they are going to be absolutely lethal and they will challenge on the world stage.

Greenway added that it's a fine balance between Neville giving players exposure who're going to take the team forward in the future, and putting together a group of players who can go on and win gold at the World Cup.

In terms of the future for netball and the Viatality Roses success, Greenway said:

"What a year they've had coming off that win at the Commonwealth Games and it's great that they're winning awards, rightly so and thoroughly deserved too. This is a massive year for Netball and what I hope is that they keep it going."

"The word legacy gets bandied about a bit, but this team have put down a real starting point for our sport and regardless of what happens at the World Cup, it's a really big time for the Superleague and the world of Netball to jump on board and make sure we really push the sport forward."

"It's really important to recognise the players, the future talent that's going to come through, and we start creating some stars because I think Netball has really got a really exciting future ahead."

The Roses will be back in action in January 2019 when they face Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the Vitality Netball International Series, as part of the Netball Quad Series.

Sky Sports will also show every game live of the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup, July 12-21

By Kate Lightfoot


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