Heja: Keeping your team organised - the easy way

Netball coaches just know what’s going on. It's the way it is.

There's next week’s practices, your 10 upcoming opponents — and probably even meet-up times before every one of those games - all swirling around in your mind.

You're so organised, you probaly know everyone's shoe size.

But all of that can takes its toll.....step forward Heja to save the day.

Athletes, parents, guardians, assistant coaches, managers, volunteers - everyone can all all stay organised, all in the same place

where to be

  • Where to be

  • When to be there

  • Any last-minute changes or new information they should know about beforehand

Our little organisational 'tick' can be a real liufe-saver when your team is hit by unexpected problems, such as a player running late.

Its used by more than 100,000* coaches, after all

Make it impossible for everyone on your team not to know what’s going on.

That’s it. Sounds basic. Obvious even. But this crucial part of organizing a sports team is surprisingly overlooked by most coaches, who then turn round complaining when athletes show up late.

How does it work?

Well, if you can’t literally burn your team schedule into everybody’s brain (we certainly can’t help with that) you do the next best thing: plug it into their cell phone instead.

This exact problem is what Heja, the free sports team management app, was designed to solve — and already solves for more than 100,000 coaches worldwide every day.

We’re not rocket scientists at Heja (we’re athletes, coaches, and developers).

But here’s how the incredibly simple app we built makes it impossible for your all your team members not to get the information they need.

1. Organise EVERYONE with a simple, customizable team schedule that you plug in on your phone and your team have access to on their phones.

2. You know exactly who’s attending each practice

3. When you send a message, your WHOLE TEAM actually gets it

Send info, pics or videos to your whole group.

Make it impossible for your team not to know what’s going on this season.

No excuses!

You can download the app here


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