Neville hopes revolutionary Nike partnership can take netball to the next level

England Netball announce a new multi-year deal with global sports brand Nike, and Head Coach Tracey Neville explains how the partnership can take netball to places it has only ever dreamt of.

The Roses players showing off their dresses in their new advert with Nike

“We talk about wanting to be in the Olympics and wanting to take our sport further - they are the biggest sponsorship deals across all countries, across all sports," she said.

“From our point of view in respect to networking, getting our sport out, it's the best way to go. Our commercial department have done an excellent job to seal that deal for the future.

"They are a global company. If you go out there to be trendy, they are the one you go to. But for them to come on and push our sport globally is huge.

“A lot of the time, with clothing companies, they just produce a product whereas they wanted to get behind the players, the history of the sport and really understand where we've come from, what our culture is.

"I’ve been told they're going to put the products through their stores and get netball products out like they have with basketball."

"People are unique, they bring their own attributes to the sport, they look different, their personalities are different, but actually, everyone can succeed - it's not all the same or about the same aesthetically-pleasing person.

"What's really exciting is that they're producing so much kit for the fans to wear. We go to Australia and the fans all have the Australian kit on - it looks like a blur of yellow. Whereas you go to games in England and everyone has different kit on. But this can be one of those kits where you think 'actually, I'll wear this to the gym'."

Roses players show how accessible the Nike kit will be, with many items suitable for England Netball fans to wear to the gym

News of the partnership is really making an impact, and the sense of relief that women's sport is finally being recognised on the global platform is refreshing for all. Vogue's article optimises this feeling, and Joanna Adams, CEO of England Netball explained the importance of the partnership:

“England Netball and Nike have the shared vision of empowering women and girls in sport and we hope that together we can support the Vitality Roses on their journey to becoming the top-ranked netball team in the world. We are confident that, together, we will ignite a powerful and inspiring netball culture and make the Netball World Cup 2019 a celebration of women's sport."

By Kate Lightfoot


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