New Zealand and South Africa battling to host 2023 Netball World Cup

New Zealand and South Africa are the two countries in the bid to host the international event and head to Singapore next month to present their case to the International Netball Federation (INF).

South Africa taking on New Zealand in the 2017 Quad Series

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) Chief Executive Jennie Wyllie believes there is no better time than now for women’s sport in New Zealand and the opportunity for Netball to lead from the front.

“New Zealand is entering a stage where women and girls are front and centre so having the pinnacle event in our backyard at a time when the government are behind us can only be beneficial,” she said.

Wyllie said the timing couldn’t be more perfect as NNZ, in partnership with INF, acknowledged the past, connected with the present and led the way for the future of the game.

“If you think of the legacy in its own right, the history, telling the story of Netball in New Zealand on the world stage will be significant,” she said.

“INF can stand with us to celebrate our centenary by showcasing Netball to the world while also telling the global story – how it changes lives and leads in female empowerment.

“But we will also share what we have learnt over the last 100 years with INF – sharing the knowledge and experience that we have gained back to the international Netball family.

New Zealand last hosted the Netball World Cup in 2007, and following their poor performance and finishing outside of the medals at this year's Commonwealth Games, securing the bid would be a stepping stone for NNZ in their efforts to rebuild for the future.

Both New Zealand and South Africa will find out if their bid for the 2023 Netball World Cup has been successful or not in March 2019.

By Kate Lightfoot


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