We're back!

Welcome to Netball Nation…Season 2

As a lot of you already know it’s been a whirlwind few weeks for the show as we genuinely thought we weren’t coming back for a second season.

However, after a bit of a social media campaign and so much love from you guys we’ve found a way to get the team back together, all thanks to the lovely people at Netball UK.

Season 2 powered by Netball UK will be back in action from next Friday, 13th March where we'll be joined once again by Emma, Mags and Sara on a weekly basis until the Grand Final in July.

We’ll dissect the weekly superleague games, see who owes what in the kitty and chat everything and anything netball related. We also want to hear from you about your netball world and what you’d like us to discuss as without you guys this show quite literally wouldn’t be here

Season 2 returns next Friday, powered by Netball UK.

See you then!

Listen to the latest episode here.

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