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For social e-commerce, some people are myths, some people are demonized, and some people don't care. But no matter how you look at it, what should come will always come. As a new business form, the power of social e-commerce makes people excited with worry, joy with fear, and see new hope in difficult situations. In any case, as a new business form, the power of social e-commerce cannot be ignored, we cannot be demonized, not mythical, and of course, cannot be ignored. The development of new business is always a process of continuous improvement, just like if a new thing is perfect, it is God's Bulk SMS Service BUG. Take a look at the recent booming social industry. On the one hand, it is surviving among giants, and on the other hand, it has to face the sharp sword of doubt and "involvement". Although there are many obstacles to the development of the industry, fortunately, the inclusive supervision of the regulatory authorities makes everything hopeful. In particular, the State Council recently reviewed and approved the "Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment (Draft)", which provides institutional guarantees for various market entities to invest and start businesses through government legislation. The regulations have released a benign signal of development and innovation for the market and enterprises. It is worth noting that the regulations specifically propose to "implement inclusive and prudent supervision of emerging industries". This formulation has aroused strong repercussions from Internet companies. The birth of social e-commerce is not long. In a short period of time, many companies such as Pinduoduo, Yunji, and Weimeng have been listed. However, behind the huge market and brilliant achievements, there are also lingering worries. Some people think it's bad, some people like it. As the saying goes, the sun doesn't rust. When everything becomes more and more transparent, the industry becomes more and more formal, and this process of transparency is exactly the process of the disenchanted development of social e-commerce. The history of social e-commerce

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