We’ve been blown away by the amount of people who’ve been listening to the podcast and getting involved on the socials, and we’re mega excited about growing the show and taking the next steps - we’ve got some big plans for you!


To help us out with this, we’ve set up this page where you can support the show for as little or as much as you can afford. We’d really like to be able to continue growing Netball Nation and promoting the sport, but there is quite a lot of work and cost that goes into it - we all travel to the studio from various corners of the country each week, there’s lots of research, scripting, booking guests and than editing and producing everything together. If you're able to support us, helping towards some of the costs of those things, we’ll be able to keep bringing you the show every week and building it into something even bigger. Just like professional Netball we want to make it sustainable and allow people to be paid for their time.


We’ve set the donation at 3 quid a month - less than a take-away coffee or a glass of wine in the pub - but if you want to support us with a bit more that would be amazing, and if you can’t afford anything then don’t stress about it as Netball Nation will always be free.

Thank you from Emma, Sara, Maggie and the Netball Nation team.


Choose to support via card or PayPal. You're in control, cancel anytime!